Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two posts today!

I just had to add this. We rode our bicycles down to David's tonight, and took Gwen along in the carrier. She didn't seem to mind it a bit. I had her on my back. Then on the way home she fell asleep. So Jenny ran and got a camera while I pedaled around the yard awhile. Just thought you'd like this!


Visitors and such

We had some visitors from Idaho recently. Here's Gwen with her great grandma.

And here's supper at our house.
Great Grandpa Sid and Gwen.
And Hans and Mandy stopped in for supper last Tuesday evening. They were only around for a day, and we were privileged to have them come by for the little time they did.
Today Jenny got a new sewing table. I went to an auction and was able to get this for a quite reasonable sum. Jenny has been wanting something like this to keep her sewing stuff in, as well as a place for her machine that doesn't include clearing out one of our other tables.
More pictures will be on my Picasa.... See ya later ~GB