Sunday, June 12, 2011

Right now Gwen is running around the house looking mischievous and crawling up onto chairs, standing on the edges, and making a general clown of herself. She's the only one of us who feels normal, as the rest of us have been struck by some virus or other. It's the one that I think is referred to as a "common cold." You've had the experience.... It sneaks up on you when you've lost a little too much sleep and attacks the sinuses and throat, leaving in its wake heads like balloons, throats that are raw, and general feelings of worthlessness. Don't get your leather couch, I'm speaking of physical feelings. Although the leather couch does sound comfortable right now.....

I think it started for me yesterday, when I got up after about five hours of sleep to go to Farmers Market. It's the first I've gone this year, and it was a beautiful day. It was just chilly enough in the morning to wish for an extra shirt, and just hot enough by noon to be grateful for the shade of the tent.

I usually enjoy market, and yesterday was no exception. I don't know about you, but I like observing people. Like the little girl and her parents who came by at about 8:15, she rubbing her eyes sleepily. These were the disciplined, healthy type. They perused the table for healthy things, and weren't interested in the yummy rolls, cinnamon twists, pastries, or cookies. Perhaps getting up early and taking their little girl to a market is part of their healthy lifestyle. This type of person often looks like they just may have ridden their bike to market. (Not to be confused with the ones who wear the whole "bike" outfit complete with helmet, who have legs like hercules and arms like pencils)

Then there are the people who come and buy the rolls, but comment about how they shouldn't violate their diet in such a way. I wonder, do they actually feel guilty about eating them, or do they just say things like that to make small talk? Perhaps they feel pressured by societies' "green, healthy" mantra enough to feel a tiny bit bad for indulging themselves, but not enough to keep them from their favorite pastries and rolls.

Of course, there are always those who don't comment one way or another. They simply come and buy what they care to have with neither apology nor explanation. These make the best customer.

Then there are the fads to observe. One that has intrigued me to watch over the last year or so is the gradual shift in sun glasses. There was a time when the glasses were fairly small and normal looking. Then I suppose that some Hollywood starlet or other decided to be different. Unfortunately it's hard to be different if you're a Hollywood starlet, as the second you try to be different, everyone joins you in their effort to be "different too." Maybe we can learn from the irony of that...

But I digress. I personally feel that it is entirely possible that the latest sun glasses fad was started by accident. I can see it now. Some actress or another donned a pair of ridiculously large sunglasses in an attempt to disguise herself, pose as a dragonfly, or perhaps temporarily cover her latest facial repair. She was discovered, and the next thing you know all the high school and college girls are seizing on the new style and masquerading as dragonflies. I can see that the glasses would be handy to wear in lieu of a hat, as they do shade about the same amount of the head. I can imagine that one wouldn't dare to wear them too long in the sun however, or they would certainly look silly with them off, as the untanned portion of their face would encompass two three inch circles around their eyes.

Ah well, it's fun watching people, isn't it? I wonder what they'd say about me.....

I started all that to say that now I'm not feeling quite myself. Jenny has the same symptoms as I (although she's starting to complain of them which means she probably feels far worse than I, as she always complains half as soon and half as much as I), and Myles hasn't been sleeping well, what with his stuffy nose. So we're home today relaxing, sleeping, and trying to get better.