Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

Here's a quick post to tell you all happy Thanksgiving Day.

We have a lot to be thankful for, not the least of which are family and friends with whom to celebrate special occasions such as this day. I just posted pictures of our Thanksgiving day here, for all of you to see if you care to. (yes, the folder is entitled December 2010, but that's because I'm consolidating November and Decembers pics since I don't have many November ones)

We had a nice service at church this morning, and then went to Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving dinner. Matts and David Millers were there too. We spent the afternoon playing games, and taking pictures, which was fun.

We've rather sadly neglected keeping up with all the regular pictures of Gwen (3 month, 6 month, etc), and so for the record, the shots here are within about two days of 8 months. It's not that we don't have pictures of her at all those various stages, it's just that we haven't had any special sessions over it.

It's getting late and we'd better be getting to bed, so I think I'll sign off now.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You know you've been married awhile when....

....You drop the child(ren) off at Grandmas house to be baby sat, head to the car with your wife in anticipation of a nice evening of shopping alone, reach for your wifes door handle, and she says....."Oh, did you want me to drive?"

I don't really have a reason for posting this evening. I'm not even sure what I should post about, so perhaps it would be better if I didn't.

I could regale you with deer hunting stories, but unfortunately they aren't all that spectacular this year. Yes I did shoot a little buck, and yes, earlier in the day I shot at and missed (I have no good excuse) a really nice big buck that was so big that in a weird way I'm glad I missed because it would have been a shame not to mount him, and I just don't need another big buck hanging on my wall. You were saying about run-on sentences Frank? Oh, and tonight I missed a doe at pretty long range. So I'm not hitting things quite as well as I'm accustomed.

Well, the dogs are outside barking at the coyotes. Jenny is sitting in the recliner reading her book. Gwen is standing beside me saying "ooohh, aaahhh, daaaa, daaaa" with the occasional Canadian "Eh?" thrown in. Not sure where she gets that, but it must come from her mothers side. It's dark out. It's pleasantly dim inside. The fire keeps us warm, and we're all cozied up for a nice evening in our little house.

Speaking of Gwen, she seems to think that it would be a good idea to walk soon. So she's practicing standing up without holding on to things. She's to the point where she can do it indefinitely, but she rarely will stay still long enough to stand for an extended period. So she just stands up, looks around, and dives for whatever catches her fancy. Or sometimes plops back down on her bottom. I tried to get her to take a step to me, but so far she just lunges at me.

Okay, my cup of inspiration which was dangerously low when I started this post has run completely dry. Do have a good evening all....


Monday, November 1, 2010

Jenny's Post

Hello everybody!
In case anyone was wondering, my Fall Saturday was a bit different than Gabe's. After we got home from Seward... I needed a diaper pail... I spent the rest of my day in the kitchen mostly. I had made myself a nice long list that included things like cleaning the bathroom, dusting and vacuuming the floors. Much to my sorrow, none of those things got done :( By the end of the day, my kitchen was clean and the pumpkin was put away.
I had myself a little pity party that evening as I reviewed my day of working and getting nothing done. Gabe says I got a lot accomplished, but I didn't feel like I did. Does anyone else ever have days like that? I still get depressed just thinking about it.
Right now Gabe and Gwen are playing a game in which Gwen dives off the couch and Gabe catches her and throws her back up... and over and over again. Gwen thinks this is most exciting is laughing gleefully. I am glad she is happy now. About an hour ago she woke up very sad and didn't want her Daddy's comfort but cried for "momomom". I don't think she is feeling very well, but she has Tylenol in her now.
Speaking of Gwen... I have decided to start using cloth diapers for her. Now, lest any of you get the idea that I am deeply concerned about saving the earth or something, I'll just let you know that my only motive for doing this is that it does save quite a bit of money. Especially since we will be diapering two babies in the near future. After reading lots of reviews and opinions and buying a few different brands of pocket diapers, I ordered 20 Sunbaby diapers off of Ebay. I am very pleased with them and as far as I can tell, they are just as good as the expensive "Bumgenious". I bought one of those too, so I think I do know what I'm talking about.
Sometime I wonder if it's worth the bother... like when I'm dumping the dirty diapers from the bucket to the washer... but then when I hang them up on the line, all nice and clean, it gives me a sort of smug, virtuous feeling.
Now lets see... maybe you would like to know about my day today. This morning was most exciting, because we went in for the ultrasound so we could see how our new little baby is doing.
Rita, the lady who did the ultrasound, said everything looked very good and that I am 20 weeks along... I wasn't quite sure about that so far, so it is nice to have a better idea about that. I am so happy and relieved to know the baby is doing well, and that I am halfway through this pregnancy. I guess I didn't realize before that I was actually worried about how the baby was doing... and no, mom, it isn't twins :)
So then after we had a bite of lunch, Gabe went back to work, and I stayed in town and whiled away some time at Walmart and Etcetera, and then went to my doctor's appointment. Dr. Novak had a squeaky voice today, but had plenty say anyway :) ... Yes, I know Gwen is most adorable. No, I didn't dress her up for Halloween or take her trick or treating. Yes, I am taking my prenatal vitamins. No, I haven't thrown up lately. Yes, it is lovely fall weather, but I wish it would snow sometime, even if you don't. I'm sorry that Gwen is trying to rip you necklace off and your earrings out... I can imagine that could be painful, on the ears especially... How do I feel? Mostly just tired all the time... Oh, that's normal? Ok. Especially with the second child and the first child only being seven months old? I guess that makes sense.
I like Dr. Novak.
Now I think I will close this epsitle. I didn't make Gabe any supper tonight because he said he didn't want any and wasn't hungry. Now he is eating cookies and milk :) Gwen is trying to help me and would like to tell everyone "HI" but she isn't a very good typist yet.