Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 Last week when I was feeling sad and tired and discouraged... my dear husband decided to cheer me up, and brought me some flowers. Isn't he sweet?    I love him. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Goings On

I guess most of you know that we've been spending a good deal of our extra time this summer working on a sideline business.   We call it Treasures_Etcetera, which is our Ebay username.   It's also a play on words because one of the main places we pick up things to sell on Ebay is a local thrift shop called Et-cetera.

We decided to try using Ebay as a source of income (as opposed to only a place to shop) in July of this past summer.   The first day Jenny went garage saleing with a mind to purchase things for re-sale, she found a nice Strawberry Shortcake set of bedding for a toddler bed.   The whole works, pillowcase included.   She bought it, and we took nice pictures and listed it, not sure if this would prove a venture in futility or not.   We were gratified when the set went for $25.00, netting us ten dollars.   Hmmm, is it really that easy to pick up ten dollars?  

It's addictive, finding nice and/or valuable things to turn around on Ebay.  Some of the more memorable things we've found:

A set of vintage York dumbells in the local thrift shop, purchased for three dollars and sold for seventy five.

A set of Haviland China, bought for five dollars at a garage sale, and sold for, well, I'm not going to say.   But the last set of two cups and saucers just went for about 25.00.

A like-new Petromax lantern.   It was a chance stop at the thrift shop again, but that stop netted me a days wages.

Today we loaded up and went to the city of Wilber garage sales.

Here is what we came home with.
 I'm not going to list it all, but the following pictures show a closer look at the table.   There are a few things worth noting.   The nice double boiler my wife found (it's on the right).   The one garage sale had a LOT of nice vintage toys, you can see them sort of, look for them to go on Ebay right after Thanksgiving.   The linens under the whole pile are my wife's favorites of the day, I think.  
 I thought these elephants were cute.
 My wife couldn't believe finding the Snowman plate (with all those stacked up cups behind) for $2.50.  They may get sold or we may keep them, we haven't decided.
 Let's see, vintage toys, Mudd shoes, alarm clock...
 My favorite, the Winnie the Pooh lamp.   Both the bear and the balloons light up.  
 This rocking puppy is pretty neat, but will probably go on Ebay.   I might keep that saw, or sell it, not sure yet.
 Oh, some nice old dishes from a thrift store.
 See this?   Yes we have the full 78 piece set.   That purchase may or may not net us anything, we may have spent too much for it.

Gwen liked her boots, you can't see them but she's wearing them.  And there are probably a few odds and ends I didn't point out or remember.  

All in all it was a fun day, and hopefully a profitable one!  

The whole point of this post is simply this:   We aren't especially smart, talented, or lucky.   But anyone can do this with a camera, an ebay user account, and a little motivation.   It's fun, and we enjoy it!

Thanks for looking, and be sure to check out my other items!

(Sorry, I've been typing too many ebay listings lately)