Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas time

Gabe here.

Well, tonight we had a little Christmas party at our house. We started things off right with a good supper of steak and 'taters grilled by yours truly. It was good, but then maybe I don't have to say that?

The last week or so has been a hustle and bustle with final Christmas preparations, and secretive gift buying and hiding. It may be somewhat of a rarity among spouses (ahem), but Jenny and I actually don't usually know what we will get from one another for Christmas. The main project that has occupied my time over the last week has been the designing and building of these chairs.

It was a fun project, but don't ask me to make any more for awhile. I made them from Southern Pine scraps that were available from the truss shop, and then "caned" them with para cord for the seat. Just another of the myriad uses of para cord. They are a bit big for Gwen yet, but will be about perfect for her when she's wanting to sit and write as she grows older. The plan is to eventually have a table to match. I'm just glad I had the happy inspiration to make two of them at the same time, instead of trying to make another to match next Christmas.

Gwen is very happy with her toybox built by Grandpa, and has been busily putting things (including herself) into it and taking them back out again. Between the new chairs (which she greeted with "Neat chair!") and the toy box, she is quite content with her lot in life. Myles loves to sit on the chair (when someone is watching) or to stand by it. He cried when we took him off to open his other gift. If you want more pictures of our evening, or of our other December activities you can see them by clicking this link.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My New Job

I found this article interesting. I would venture to guess that most stay at home moms don't sit around trying to figure out how much money they would be making if the got paid to do what they do, because, as this article points out, they are reaping other rewards.
It is easy for me to get caught up in the whirl of work and wet diapers and whiny babies, and forget about why I'm here and what really matters. Does it really matter if the floor didn't get swept today and that the bathroom is long overdue for a cleaning? Is it more important to get the laundry folded or to sew a new dress for my little girls dolly? It is sometimes so hard for my to discern between needs and wants and which priorities are most important.
I would like to live in a calm and clean environment, yet I really would like to get some sewing projects done. Should I even be taking the time to post on this blog? Ahhh.... I wish I had all the answers and was always full of energy and vim and vroom. On gray rainy days like today I just feel like sitting around and sleeping and it seems like I don't get anything done. I really must go check on the babies and put my laundry away.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sleep baby, sleep...

Here it is... the little bed that Gabe made for Myles. It is so nice, and I have gotten much more sleep since we have this. Gabe made a fourth side for it, that is supposed to be attached with hinges, but it is not on the bed right now. I am so proud of Gabe for doing this for me :)
I love having my baby right next to me, and I love not getting out of bed 5-10 times per night. I know that some people think that babies should NOT sleep with their parents or in their parents bedroom, but this is what works for us, and what we like to do.
Myles is nine months old, and we had struggled and fought and cried and tried to get him to sleep well at night in his own crib. We did try letting him cry it out, although we stayed with him, and gave him his paci every now and then. That didn't work. This mom doesn't do well with that sort of thing. I was so, so weary and out of my head, until we finally got smart, and found this solution.
So... what do you all think? Is co-sleeping a horrible thing? What works for you?

Saturday, December 3, 2011


It is snowing! The first time this year, and I don't have much faith that it will amount to anything. I have mixed feelings about the snow, because Gabe is working for Matt this year with snow removal, so he is committed to that.
Last night, we went Christmas caroling. In my opinion, we were a little out of season and early for such things, but it was realistically cold, so that helped. We had fun. We took the babies all bundled up in their warm coats and hats. I found a coat for Gwen at my favorite store yesterday... it was an answer to prayer.
Then we all met at the gym and had sugary snacks and hot drinks and fellowship. To be quite honest, this was one of the first times I felt this warm feeling of "belonging". This is something I have cried and prayed about for a long time now. I am learning that if I am willing to get out of my comfort zone, that there are all kinds of friends to be had. In other words, if I want to have friends, I must show myself friendly. The other thing that helps is to get rid of my expectations, and meet people on the level that they feel comfortable.
I suppose that this sounds like Greek to some of you... but this is what I have been pondering somewhat lately.
This last week, I was without my computer and internet for about three days, and I was most embarrassed at how much I missed their company. I got more done than usual. I washed my living room walls and cleaned corners and cobwebs and dust and dirt and washed curtains and found a fine, black film on everything. This is because we have a wood stove. I would say that the wood heat is worth the dirt it creates, wouldn't you?
I am attempting to get my Christmas decor up. I need some beautiful, lush greenery to put up, but now it is wet outside, so I don't know if that will happen today. I considered buying the fake stuff, but then my thriftiness kicked in and I rejected that idea. It is so much cleaner and tidier though.
Sometime I would like to take a picture of the bed that Gabe made for Myles and write about it here, but that will have to wait. Does anybody care about seeing it anyway?
Now I would post this, but I would like Gabe to read it first, so you all shall have to wait a bit.
Lisl, are you not proud of my for taking the hint and expounding upon my life?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amy left us... after six weeks of having her her, we kinda go used to it, so it seems rather strange to have her gone. Yesterday Gwen wondered where she was. Gwen precedes a lot of her words with "mmm". So she said "mmmmMaimee?" And she wondered where Daddy was too, "mmmmDaddy?" Her Daddy came home from work after awhile, but 'Maimee' won't be back for a long time I'm afraid.
Clark and Charlotte and Bendick were here for the weekend, and we had a nice time with them, despite lacking in sleep and sick babies and stuff. Amy Burkey had a nice post about our nice Sunday.
I am learning to run my household all by myself again, and am trying to learn to do it joyfully and thankfully. Myles is starting to scoot about, so that makes my life much happier, since he is so much happier. Gwen is a rather bossy big sister, I often here her saying "nonono,don't!". I wondering how to teach her not to be so bossy.
We are enjoying the beautiful weather, although it has become rather dusty and dry. I suppose that is good for the farmers though, since they would like to get their crops harvested.
I really must go now, my baby is calling me. JMB

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

Two PIctures

Myles, being cute and cross eyed

Our latest family picture :)
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Look

Hi! How do you like my new look? I thought it was time for a face lift.
We are very busy, and don't have time to blog anymore. A few things we have been doing are:
~ Applesauce
~ Market
~ Harvest
~ Building Trusses
~ Laundry
~ Dishes
~ Revival Meetings
~ Feeding babies and changing diapers
~ Cleaning House
~ Etc.
Maybe someday I will post again, or maybe Gabe will...

Monday, July 25, 2011


It's Summer.

In fact, it's been summer for quite awhile now. It was about two weeks ago that it really hit though, with the temps in the triple digits and humidity right behind. But today was nice. It was in the nineties I guess, but the humidity seemed better, and this evening was positively lovely. It's already down to 77 at twenty to ten.

We took advantage of the loverly weather this evening to go on a nice little three wheeler ride. The family is getting a little big to all fit, but we still manage. The fields are just beautiful right now, the sky was clear, the light was wonderful.... And I didn't take any pictures. Sorry.

When we got home we lounged around the yard for awhile, you can see pics of that here.

In other news, I guess I will have to eat crow and admit to re-joining Facebook. Go ahead, laugh, make fun, and deride me for a hypocrite. When you're done I have something to say. Ready?

I still think Facebook friends are poor substitutes for real friends. I still think that the content in general on Facebook is shallow. I still wouldn't let any child of mine join Facebook unless they were of a mature age and I could see everything that went on. I still don't like that Facebook makes messaging 'friends' at anytime as simple as typing on a keyboard (if you parents of youth age people don't see any problems with that I think you're a little naive, in the same way as I think that you're a bit naive if you allow your children to text with no restrictions or parental oversight).

I could say more, but I won't.

We're hoping that being on Facebook will help us to keep up with friends and family that we're interested in who don't live around here. Time will tell whether it will be a useful tool for that.

In other news we're looking forward to camping in Wisconsin in about three weeks! I doubt if you'll see us posting before then, but who knows?


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Right now Gwen is running around the house looking mischievous and crawling up onto chairs, standing on the edges, and making a general clown of herself. She's the only one of us who feels normal, as the rest of us have been struck by some virus or other. It's the one that I think is referred to as a "common cold." You've had the experience.... It sneaks up on you when you've lost a little too much sleep and attacks the sinuses and throat, leaving in its wake heads like balloons, throats that are raw, and general feelings of worthlessness. Don't get your leather couch, I'm speaking of physical feelings. Although the leather couch does sound comfortable right now.....

I think it started for me yesterday, when I got up after about five hours of sleep to go to Farmers Market. It's the first I've gone this year, and it was a beautiful day. It was just chilly enough in the morning to wish for an extra shirt, and just hot enough by noon to be grateful for the shade of the tent.

I usually enjoy market, and yesterday was no exception. I don't know about you, but I like observing people. Like the little girl and her parents who came by at about 8:15, she rubbing her eyes sleepily. These were the disciplined, healthy type. They perused the table for healthy things, and weren't interested in the yummy rolls, cinnamon twists, pastries, or cookies. Perhaps getting up early and taking their little girl to a market is part of their healthy lifestyle. This type of person often looks like they just may have ridden their bike to market. (Not to be confused with the ones who wear the whole "bike" outfit complete with helmet, who have legs like hercules and arms like pencils)

Then there are the people who come and buy the rolls, but comment about how they shouldn't violate their diet in such a way. I wonder, do they actually feel guilty about eating them, or do they just say things like that to make small talk? Perhaps they feel pressured by societies' "green, healthy" mantra enough to feel a tiny bit bad for indulging themselves, but not enough to keep them from their favorite pastries and rolls.

Of course, there are always those who don't comment one way or another. They simply come and buy what they care to have with neither apology nor explanation. These make the best customer.

Then there are the fads to observe. One that has intrigued me to watch over the last year or so is the gradual shift in sun glasses. There was a time when the glasses were fairly small and normal looking. Then I suppose that some Hollywood starlet or other decided to be different. Unfortunately it's hard to be different if you're a Hollywood starlet, as the second you try to be different, everyone joins you in their effort to be "different too." Maybe we can learn from the irony of that...

But I digress. I personally feel that it is entirely possible that the latest sun glasses fad was started by accident. I can see it now. Some actress or another donned a pair of ridiculously large sunglasses in an attempt to disguise herself, pose as a dragonfly, or perhaps temporarily cover her latest facial repair. She was discovered, and the next thing you know all the high school and college girls are seizing on the new style and masquerading as dragonflies. I can see that the glasses would be handy to wear in lieu of a hat, as they do shade about the same amount of the head. I can imagine that one wouldn't dare to wear them too long in the sun however, or they would certainly look silly with them off, as the untanned portion of their face would encompass two three inch circles around their eyes.

Ah well, it's fun watching people, isn't it? I wonder what they'd say about me.....

I started all that to say that now I'm not feeling quite myself. Jenny has the same symptoms as I (although she's starting to complain of them which means she probably feels far worse than I, as she always complains half as soon and half as much as I), and Myles hasn't been sleeping well, what with his stuffy nose. So we're home today relaxing, sleeping, and trying to get better.


Saturday, May 21, 2011


Tomorrow I will be the ripe old age of twenty-two. That doesn't actually sound very old to me anymore for some reason. In fact, I think it sounds a bit young, especially for having two children in my care.
It will be our "Golden Birthday"... I remember when my cousin, Sam, had her golden birthday. I think she was five. I wanted so badly to have golden birthday too, but Mom informed me that I'd have to wait until I was twenty-two years old, since our birthday is on the 22nd of May. To a five year old, those years seemed like an endless stretch of time, that I couldn't even begin to fathom. Kind of like eternity or something. But here I am... twenty two years old already.
Now I am married, have two babies, and live in Nebraska, where golden birthday's don't matter a whole lot. Gabe didn't even know what I meant when I mentioned that Lance and I would be having a golden birthday.
Abbey ordered some flowers for me and we picked them up today while we were in Seward. They are beautiful. Thank you Abbey, I think I shall try to preserve them with silica gel, they are too pretty to throw away. Gabe got me a gift while were in Seward, but tried to be real sneaky about it. I think it's a new journal. We got some columbine plants too, and I am supposed to be planting them, but I thought I should post while I was inspired.
Gwen and Myles are both napping... I love when they both nap at the same time. It is such a pleasant feeling to have quietness all to myself for a bit. Myles is doing ever so much better, I'm not sure if it's because he is growing up, or because I have been on a dairy free diet, or the if it's the probiotics, or all three. I am just happy that he is happy. I feel a bit deprived though, not having had ice cream for a month or so, except for one time.
So Happy Birthday Lance and Me. I think you should come surprise me, Lance. That would be fun. It's sad not spending our birthday together. Aren't twins supposed to be together on their birthday?


Friday, April 22, 2011

A boring post

You've been warned.

So in addition to the whole knifemaking thing, I've taken on a new hobby recently. I guess you've maybe seen a picture or two of a whip crop up in my picasa albums, but I thought I'd show you a bit more.

See, since I was but a wee lad, I've been fascinated (as most boys are I guess) by things like horses and all the paraphernalia that goes along with. Including things like bridles, ropes, saddles, and incidentally, whips. Okay, so the whip part isn't necessary for the horse most of the time, but it's a part of the culture. When I say whips, I mean Bull Whips, of the variety that catch the imagination of most boys at some time or other. I've owned a whip or two since I was in my young teens I suppose, and enjoyed learning how to crack them.

As interesting as ropes (of the cowboy variety), and whips are to me, I had never really gotten serious about making one. That is, unless you count a 12 year old boy spending hours on end braiding bailer twine strands together to try to make his own lasso. I've always had an interest in braids and knots that was idling back on a shelf in my mind somewhere, and when I recently discovered a nylon rope known as paracord, that interest reawakened.

So I've spent some time learning all about things that make good core materials for whips, and reading interesting books and looking at helpful youtube videos about plaiting. (That's the term we snobbish whip makers use when we mean "braiding") The intricacies of the patterns that can be created are fascinating to me, and while I certainly don't have a very advanced ability, I'm still enjoying learning this stuff tremendously. So, since it's about time for me to go to bed, I'll close this post off with some pictures. Let me know if you need a whip, by the way!

This is a little 4 foot whip I did recently and sold on Ebay. By the way, this and all the whips shown here are made with a core of some kind, and then a plaited "belly" or two, and then a final overlay. The overlay on all of these is a 16 strand plait, which of course drops strands as it tapers to the point of the whip, ending in four strands at the fall hitches (those knots at the end of the braid).
Here's an 8' whip that will sell on Ebay tomorrow evening. (Bid now if you want it)
And a close up of the fancy plaiting in the handle, which I really like on this one. Incidentally, sometime when you're bored, have a shot at making one of those knots you see on the handle!
This is my most recent, a 10' green and tan whip that belongs to my brother.
And I closer shot of the handle on this one. Believe it or not, this handle was way easier to plait than the black and purple one. But I really like it anyway.

Well, that's my boring post!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Life Right Now

Hi, this is Jenny, and I thought I'd blog a small bit about our lives right now. As you all know, we have a new baby around here... Myles Andrew. He has changed our lives quite a lot, and this mommy is trying learn how to take care of two babies now, while keeping a positive attitude about life.
Gwendolyn likes her new little brother, but also still likes to have her mommy and daddy time. She is doing very well with the adjustment, and as soon as she has pushed those two bothersome teeth through, she should be doing even better.
My mom and younger siblings were here to take care of us when we got home from the hospital. Actually, we got here about 1/2 hour before they did. I don't know how I would have ever done the first week and a half without my mom staying here with us. Dad and Lance came too, about a week after mom got here, so I got to have my whole family, except for Clark's and Dru's, here!
This week we've been working at getting back to "normal" again. It went pretty well... today Mom B. came and took care of the babies while I slept for about an hour and a half. That was very nice. Life seems a lot nicer when I have my rest.
I thought maybe I'd add a few pictures to this post, but I am too lazy and have other things I want to do quick before the babies wake up. You can go to picasa to see pictures I guess. Goodbye.

Friday, March 11, 2011

A day in March

Hi folks.

I know its been a while. And even though I don't have a lot to share, I thought I could at least give you a few pictures of our favorite (so far:) daughter. By the way, if you can construe what I just said into a definitive answer on the gender of the child we're soon to have, please let me know what it is, as we'd be delighted to know for sure as well!

It was a pretty warm but windy day today, and Jenny and Gwen were outside raking leaves and such as collects on our lawn over winter time. Gwen thought it was a blast, and no she wasn't out very long in her bare feet.

As you can see from this picture, she's also a budding pianist. (The bud hasn't shown much at all yet)

Oh, and should you find yourself needing one of these, I have a link for you to check out right here.
Well, that was short and sweet and hard to beat! ~GB

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Keeping the Fire Going

I was thinking about it the other day, and I'm pretty sure that I have this correct. We haven't lit a fire in our wood stove all year. You might think that's a result of an awfully warm winter, but the catch is all in the phrasing of the statement. We haven't started a fire because we've not let the fire go out so far this year. When we got home from Wisconsin a day before New Years Eve, we immediately started a fire in the stove and it's been faithfully burning ever since. Not without effort, though.

On the left side of the chicken house below are three rows of wood that were split and stacked a week ago. I had the help of a couple friends (cousins, by the way) who came and worked with me to eliminated my unkempt pile of "wood to be split". It's a good thing we did that, as you can see in the same picture that my woodpile to the right of the chicken house is almost depleted.

I took this picture the other morning when it was -5 with about a 25 or 30 mile per hour breeze. That yields a wind chill factor of about -31. In my short sleeves, I soon decided it was no weather for taking pictures, however picturesque the scene might be, and after snapping the next shot of the drifts (which are nothing compared to last year, by the way) I scampered back in to the house.

Today was a nice Saturday. We got up, ate some breakfast and went to Seward to buy a few things and stop at the bank. When we got home, Jenny did some housework while I went to my project of building a new wood box. The old one was rather sad, and we decided to make a nice box with a lid so that in the winter we can put wood in it, and in the summer it can store winter clothes. Clever, not? Which brings me back to my first thought. It takes effort to keep the fire going. A little here, and a little there, but it has to be done or the fire goes out.

There's an obvious spiritual lesson here that I've been pondering too. I wouldn't think of letting my wood stove go for a day or more without replenishing its fuel. I know good and well it needs wood at least every ten or twelve hours. It wouldn't occur to me to not bring up wood so that we can feed the fire in the evening before going to bed. I never get up too late to put wood in the fire before going to work. So why is it so easy to think that I don't have time to read my Bible in the morning? Why is it so natural to care for the physical fire that warms our home, but so easy to neglect feeding the spiritual flames that are far more important eternally? We all know the answer to that one I think, but how are we doing when it comes to putting the lesson into practice? I'm talking to myself here, but you all are welcome to listen in.... :)

So that's what we're up to today....


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gwendolyn Turns 10 (months)

Hello all!

Today marks 10 months since Gwendolyn first came to us. In that ten months we've had a lot of opportunities to learn a lot of things! Gwen has come a long way herself, as you can see....

Since church was cancelled today due to weather, we took the opportunity to get some pictures of Gwendolyn. After some editing, here they are. WARNING: this post may digress into a discussion of photo editing techniques!
We happen to think that she's not only pretty nice, and pretty smart, but also pretty cute. Of course we do realize that we are biased...and it doesn't change our minds in the least!

Okay, here's where we will digress. And while I'm sure that most of you will have little interest and get just as much good out of the following discourse, I think that my two eldest (though not elder) brothers in law will at least read this with interest.

As you've noticed if you looked at the picture above and below this point, you can tell that they are indeed the same picture. If you (as I do) tend to critique pictures as you look at them, you probably have already thought, "That top picture is cropped to show too much background at her feet and not enough at her head." You'd be right. But unfortunately, the top photo is the original file that came from the camera.

I was laying on the floor taking the picture up at her as she walked past, and didn't get the shot framed as well as I'd like, since I was zoomed clear out and too close to her. Well, you all know that you can crop a picture down that isn't framed correctly, but what about re-framing to show more background? Obviously, the only way to do that would be to add information to the picture that isn't there in the original.

There are at least two solutions to this problem, and neither are for folks who don't like to edit pictures in advanced editing programs (in other words, not Picasa). The first solution I can think of would be to take another picture after the original, to capture more background. Then you would "add" that onto your original shot in some photo editing software such as Photoshop or Gimp. That would be hard, since you'd have to take the second picture from the exact same angle as the first (or nearly), in order for your photos to merge evenly and look correct. I didn't do that.

Since the background above Gwens head is pretty simple I took an easier route; the clone tool in Gimp Shop. In other words, I simply added more to the top, from what I already had. The wall got copied up higher, and the books on the shelf simply got "stretched" up by cloning them up. I added another layer (I'm not going to tell you exactly how to do all this, that would simply take way too long and I probably couldn't do it well anyway) after I had added onto the top side of the photo, and masked it so that it showed only the background. Then I blurred that layer (Gaussian Blur 25) and painted the mask so that Gwen showed through from the original layer without the blur, but everything else retained the blur. This was necessary to eliminate some subtle color and line variations in the top of the photo which would be a dead giveaway that it was edited (as though I'm not telling you anyway). It also made Gwen stand out more by eliminating background distractions, at least to a point. (like the doll for instance, and yes I could have removed it, but didn't take the time) All in all, The picture now looks as I would have wanted it to look right out of the camera.

Sometimes you can take a picture and help it out like this, and sometimes it just isn't worth trying. After all, you can't make a Nikon out of a Canon. (Sorry Dru, I just couldn't resist) The point is, if you think a picture is worth editing, fine, have fun doing it. Just don't assume as so many folks do, that "photoshopping" a picture will take a poor picture and make it a good one. If you start out with a bad shot and build on it, it probably will become a slightly better bad shot. The best picture is the one that needs the least amount of editing to look pleasing and convey the message the photographer was trying to say. It'd be nice if there was just a button you could click that would say "Make This A Good Shot", but unfortunately there just aren't enough editing tools in any program for that!
The final edited version of this shot is not necessarily a great picture. But it does convey what I meant to capture. That our ten month old daughter is beyond the crawling phase of her life. She looks at crawling in the same way that a 9 year old looks at training wheels. It's far beneath her now. She's a little overconfident sometimes, and definitely tries to go faster than she can, but she's not looking back! She's generally got a goal in mind and is going to get there (on her feet, mind you!) in as little time as possible.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Deer hunting story

As some of you know, I've been trying to shoot a few does in the late rifle season here in Nebraska.... I succeeded in getting one about a week ago, but have had no success since. So this evening I went out to try it again.

I suppose I should preface this by saying that last evening I was out, and sat for several hours without seeing anything remotely connected to deer (except a few tracks). After trudging wearily back to my truck, I headed home. About a mile and a half from home I looked out into a field and what did my wondering eyes behold but about a dozen deer! Since it was too dark by then to hunt, and since I had no permission to hunt there I continued home.

This afternoon, having secured the prerequisite consent of the appropriate person, I embarked again upon my mission. Having determined from Google Earth the exact lay of the land the evening before (they have a distance tool that will give you yardages between any two points you choose, talk about handy), and determining my strategy beforehand, I proceeded. As I walked into where I was headed (that sounds enlightening, doesn't it?) I noticed a dark something against the snowy cornstalks. Thinking it was a coon or something, I put my binocs on it, and there stood a little bambi deer. It was feeding, and there was another next to it. They were about 200 yards out, give or take. Google Earth hadn't been consulted on that one, and my range finder couldn't seem to hit them due to the fact that I was crouching down in the cornstalks and there was too much interference.

Since they were just little guys, I hated to try shooting them, when I was sure that there would be bigger deer lurking nearby. So I waited. After a little bit, the one wandered off toward the trees and disappeared. Soon the other one was looking off to where the first had gone with a puzzled if not worried expression on its head (they don't really have faces). As I contemplated attempting to change the puzzled/worried look for one of mortal shock, the deer began wandering towards the trees as well. I chose to wait it out, since there was about two hours of hunting time left. The deer disappeared into the trees....

The End.

What, you thought this was going to be a success story, that I'd actually get something? Actually, I did. I got cold feet, wet, snowy coveralls, a runny nose, and a two day extension of my cough. And frankly, I'm not sure it was worth it.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Blog Post

I thought I should blog. As you all know, I never blog, so I'm not sure why I thought I should. I think it it mostly because I should be working, but I don't feel like it. If I blog, I will feel so good about myself that the work won't matter any more. Right?
I think this blog needs some help. Maybe I should do what some people do, and pledge to blog once a day for the next year. That would be rather silly though, because I know it will never happen. I would be better off pledging to fix my bed every morning for the next year.
The most exciting thing that has happened around here lately, is that we got some snow. For those of you who don't know what that is, I'm sure you could google "snow" and find out. So it is cold and snowy, and wintery, for the first time this winter. I am sorry to say that Nebraska has very little to offer in the line of romantic, snowy winters.
Another item of interest, for us anyway, is that Gwen is now walking. She thinks it is below her dignity to crawl about on her hands and feet anymore. She will do it only if in a great hurry for some reason. We kinda miss our little baby sometimes. Speaking of little babies, it is getting rather hard to miss this this other little baby that is making it's mother so uncomfortable.
For those of you who haven't had the privilege of being 30 weeks pregnant, imagine beached whales, ducks on roller blades, and other such awkward and clumsy creatures.
Well, I hope you all have a lovely weekend. If you should happen to see this post before I come to my senses and delete it, don't blame me. I didn't make you waste the last few minutes reading it. JB