Sunday, May 27, 2012

Update on Myles

It's Sunday morning, and we're enjoying a nice long morning...   The table is set for company and the china is reflecting the centerpiece bouquet Jenny picked last evening from her flowerbeds.   The children are having breakfast, and I'm taking just a few minutes to update you all.

Myles has done so well since his surgery, and we are sure that the prayers of all of you have contributed to his quick recovery.   His eyes look better (as far as alignment) and the redness will go down within a week or two.   We've avoided infection so far and things are looking very well. 

Jenny and I are beginning to realize just how much this surgery has helped Myles vision. 

The first afternoon home from the hospital (the day of surgery) he was looking at the computer screensaver from across the room and started pointing and jabbering excitedly, and it was hard to believe that he really could see it better.   Or was at least seeing the pictures better than he ever had.    We didn't realize just what all he was missing.   Myles was in the kitchen and I was in the living room and I called to him.  He looked at me, and I realized that he was actually seeing me. I was used to him cocking his head and looking my direction, but he was actually seeing me!  Gwen was in the kitchen in her high chair and he was in the living room and they started laughing and playing peekaboo.   He never interacted with her from that distance before, and we just now realized it's because he didn't have the vision to see her well enough at that range.

 Last night he was standing by the living room window when he started talking and pointing out the window.   I looked and saw that he was looking across the yard at the goats.   He NEVER would have done that before.   We just didn't realize how much he was missing.....

We are ever so thankful to God for the improvements we've seen, and we will appreciate your prayers as Myles continues to heal.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fixing Myles Eyes

   As you probably knew, Myles has had crossed eyes nearly since birth.   So today he had surgery to straighten them out.

 The doctor said that everything went really well.    Since he had ITP, they were watching to make sure that he didn't bleed too much, and the surgeon said that he actually bled less than normal for this operation.  We actually weren't too concerned about that since his platelet count was up to 74,000. 

Myles slept for awhile since we got home, and took the rest of his bottle now that he woke up.  He is doing really well, although he looks rather awful.   We've seen a few smiles now, and he's playing on the floor with his blocks.  Pretty amazing all things considered, it's only 3 1/2 hours since he woke up from surgery. 

We went in this morning at 7:45, he went into surgery at 9:00.    At 10:00 they came and got us to tell us all had gone well and we got him back at about 10:15.   After an hour they left us go home, and we were home at 12:15.

As for the results?   We'll know in a few weeks just how well they actually did aligning his eyes.   As of now they look better, but maybe turn out a little rather than in as they did before.  But we really can't go off of how they look right now, only time will tell the actual success of the operation. 

Well, that's all I have for now, maybe there will be more later.

Friday, May 18, 2012

How do you like my new look? I took so much time doing that, that I don't have time to blog now.
  The babies are awake and need their breakfast and I need to start baking. Abbey is coming to see me this weekend... Yay!             JMB