Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Fall Saturday

Hi all,

Today was a beautiful day. I'll let you in on what we did with it. First, we got up and had breakfast/brunch. Saturday is usually a late morning in our house when Gwendolyn cooperates, which she did this morning. By about ten or so, we had eaten our waffles and sausage, and were ready to take on the day.

Jenny needed some things in Seward, so we went up to Walmart first. After we got home, I decided it was high time to tackle the garden. We still had tomato cages standing with tomatoes that had partly frozen, so that was my first project. We had about ten tomato plants this year (although we didn't get many tomatoes due to a wet spring that seemed to cause the tomatoes problems). After getting the cages out, I searched for and found the soaker hoses that were buried under all the undergrowth, and got them out. Then I went down to Dave's place and borrowed the 4020 and shredder. Pictured is Gwen helping me shred the garden.....

And a little more of a closeup...
Following that project, I borrowed Dad's 4440 and disk, and disked the garden. It was what you might call overkill, and I'm sorry I don't have a picture for you. Suffice it to say that the disk would have easily covered the garden in two passes. I left the wings up so it would till a little deeper, and managed to get that bit done.

We have this shed..... It usually doesn't get a lot of attention, but today It did. I have fond hopes of actually keeping it clean and organized, which may prove to be a challenge since I also have fond hopes of it becoming a home for my blacksmithing hobby.....

Oh yes, that. Well, after getting the above projects done, I took the time to work my forge a little and shaped another railroad spike knife. Want to see it?

It still is in the beginning stages. It will probably get wooden scales on the handle, but it's pretty early to know yet. After all, the last knife I made that resembled this ended up getting re-purposed after I accidentally overheated it during the heat treat. So we will see.

I think that covers today pretty well, at least for my end. Maybe if you all comment and beg enough Jenny will post!