Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amy left us... after six weeks of having her her, we kinda go used to it, so it seems rather strange to have her gone. Yesterday Gwen wondered where she was. Gwen precedes a lot of her words with "mmm". So she said "mmmmMaimee?" And she wondered where Daddy was too, "mmmmDaddy?" Her Daddy came home from work after awhile, but 'Maimee' won't be back for a long time I'm afraid.
Clark and Charlotte and Bendick were here for the weekend, and we had a nice time with them, despite lacking in sleep and sick babies and stuff. Amy Burkey had a nice post about our nice Sunday.
I am learning to run my household all by myself again, and am trying to learn to do it joyfully and thankfully. Myles is starting to scoot about, so that makes my life much happier, since he is so much happier. Gwen is a rather bossy big sister, I often here her saying "nonono,don't!". I wondering how to teach her not to be so bossy.
We are enjoying the beautiful weather, although it has become rather dusty and dry. I suppose that is good for the farmers though, since they would like to get their crops harvested.
I really must go now, my baby is calling me. JMB

Saturday, October 1, 2011