Saturday, May 21, 2011


Tomorrow I will be the ripe old age of twenty-two. That doesn't actually sound very old to me anymore for some reason. In fact, I think it sounds a bit young, especially for having two children in my care.
It will be our "Golden Birthday"... I remember when my cousin, Sam, had her golden birthday. I think she was five. I wanted so badly to have golden birthday too, but Mom informed me that I'd have to wait until I was twenty-two years old, since our birthday is on the 22nd of May. To a five year old, those years seemed like an endless stretch of time, that I couldn't even begin to fathom. Kind of like eternity or something. But here I am... twenty two years old already.
Now I am married, have two babies, and live in Nebraska, where golden birthday's don't matter a whole lot. Gabe didn't even know what I meant when I mentioned that Lance and I would be having a golden birthday.
Abbey ordered some flowers for me and we picked them up today while we were in Seward. They are beautiful. Thank you Abbey, I think I shall try to preserve them with silica gel, they are too pretty to throw away. Gabe got me a gift while were in Seward, but tried to be real sneaky about it. I think it's a new journal. We got some columbine plants too, and I am supposed to be planting them, but I thought I should post while I was inspired.
Gwen and Myles are both napping... I love when they both nap at the same time. It is such a pleasant feeling to have quietness all to myself for a bit. Myles is doing ever so much better, I'm not sure if it's because he is growing up, or because I have been on a dairy free diet, or the if it's the probiotics, or all three. I am just happy that he is happy. I feel a bit deprived though, not having had ice cream for a month or so, except for one time.
So Happy Birthday Lance and Me. I think you should come surprise me, Lance. That would be fun. It's sad not spending our birthday together. Aren't twins supposed to be together on their birthday?