Tuesday, July 15, 2014

 We are very unfaithful with our poor blog. I know that I enjoy reading other's updates, but I don't ever seem to get ours updated.
 Life has been humming right along for us. I can hardly believe that we are almost to James' first birthday already! James is learning to walk, has 7 teeth and likes his mother pretty well right now for some reason. We like to blame that on teething, but maybe we just have him nice and spoiled.
 Gwen and Myles spend hours and hours of each day playing outside or inside or down the basement. The have many pretend games that they play and mostly don't fight... maybe only three times a day on average ;)
Gwen just got a "new" bike with training wheels and loves to ride it down the road while the rest of us walk or ride in the stroller.
  Myles talks as much as he wants to, which is a lot at home, and not at all at places where he feels like he doesn't know everyone very well. It bothers my motherly soul when people exclaim "well he is talking!". Yes... he actually can talk... imagine that. I suppose that people who don't know Myles very well will still be saying that 20 years from now :) :)
   Gabe and I have been busily working on life and marriage and garden work and parenting, and all the normal things that happen. Nebraska has been beautifully green and cool this summer which is absolutely wonderful for this wisconsin girl.
I can't find any photos from this year on this old dinosaur, so I guess I will just post one from last year :) This is Gwen and Myles enjoying our brand new wood floor. We love this floor, more than ever, and have been living on it almost a whole year now!


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